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so to me the bricks rule hopes to be able to hold to remove the all pretty dominance of the institution by the united states and the european union country five very different nations five vastly different economies all coming together to labor brics to a new global economic future longer the dollar might not be high and mighty will give you a preview of the great summit in india. and if you're wondering why you haven't heard much about this historic meeting it's probably because you've been watching the mainstream media but in the stations where profits speak how blind something's
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been lost in the static viewership or explain. are you repeating the wrong or you're beating your. c.v. around with the wrong people these channels do better when there's a crisis and. these days it seems the mantra is the bigger the crisis the better the ratings even if this means suppressing facts and censoring unpopular opinions in the process or introduce you to a woman who says her reporting on syria is being rejected for that reason. it's wednesday march twenty eighth seven pm here in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching artsy. well it's a group of countries banding together in a troubled the world economy they've been coined the brics that is brazil russia india china and south africa has of fate's from the emerging economies gearing up
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for their annual summit tomorrow in new delhi the brics are the five fastest growing economies in the world and i want to take a minute to show you how far their global reach actually is old together these countries make up about forty two percent of the world's population and a quarter of its landmass they're responsible for twenty percent of the global g.d.p. and expected to surpass us g.d.p. in just three years and they own a whopping seventy five percent of the foreign reserves worldwide. their influence on the global stage is only growing and with their growing power they have plans to do they have plans in the works to form a joint development bank artie's preassure the reports of us from india but it makes leak of the summit. has to see from the five leading emerging economies brazil russia india china and south africa the brics nations meet for their annual summit the five make up forty percent of the world's population are expected to
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contribute almost half of all close all g.d.p. growth in the next eight years and have a rapidly growing influence in international affairs the would be thinkin the economy could be. but i would do it is why do we need to do would be to come to join the geopolitics join the geopolitics of the word the summit this year is expected to discuss a new joint think between the five other breaks countries are interested in getting tiniest investment in infrastructure and in bit development of their resources so obviously people are going bank will be a very very useful good people for this kind of investment and i think that he does of the injuries because to do these bricks why stock exchange this is more that. when you include the huge admission that you see political leaders believe that
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a brics bank could merge the growing up going on a power between these countries into a centralized doubtless they also believe that it could serve as an alternative to what there live by natural institution like the international monetary fund and the world bank certainly the brics will hopes to be able to also to remove the over all pretty dominance of the institution by the united states and the european union countries the brics countries have been busy this year not just . guarding against the impact of europe's financial crisis moving away from the dollar as the reserve currency to a breakthrough in line is also still firmly on the agenda it would become moody it would be good to see because it would be. good. it is just. that this summit will be hoping to advance further in the economic
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interests of the brics group further loosening reliance on bluster and dominated global economic architecture preassure either r.t. new delhi india. now to talk more about the rising power of the bracks peter schiff president of the capital joins us now welcome peter so. have to us about the significance of this summit well it's only significant if they come to any significant decisions or conclusions on what to do about some of their common problems i think the biggest common problems problem for the bric nations is how to deal with the united states and more specifically the u.s. dollar and all these bric countries are accumulating at enormous dollar reserves the dollar is going to lose a lot of value and so that means these brics nations are going to lose a lot in the real value of those reserves a lot of these bric nations are running trade surpluses with the united states but
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of course the united states is not in a position to actually pay for these products so they're pretty traditional trading and vendor financing and these are real problems and the world needs to wean itself off of this vendor financing scheme and needs to find a way to get out from under the dollar as the reserve currency and now they're expected to sign an agreement allowing them to extend credit to each other and their own local currency do you see this as a step toward replacing the dollar. it's a step i mean it's certainly a movement towards that direction and the more other other nations begin to invoice each other in their own currencies in trade bilaterally in their own currencies and not try to do everything through the u.s. dollar the less dependent they become on the dollar and the more vulnerable the u.s. economy becomes today that the dollar is no longer except that around the world as the predominate reserve currency now another announcement that they are expected to make some are out as this plan for the countries to form
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a joint development bank do you think that this could a rival of the world bank and if so how. well i don't think the world bank is a particular useful institution so i don't think that this is a good sign this see countries trying to follow what is a very bad example and to try to create more structures from government i think what the bric nations need to understand what all nations need to understand is the less government involvement in their economies the better what they want to do is get out of the way they want to make government as small as possible have as few regulations as lower tax taxes so that businesses can thrive so that production can increase and linder living standards can rise particularly you know for the middle and lower classes and you know the best way to achieve that is not through government created institutions but through the private sector now the criticism
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that this group often gets is the fact that they are so different they're there on different concent as they have very different economy is very different governments some critics say that brakes are nothing as nothing more than an acronym and you think that the countries will be able to find enough common ground. well there's no real movement for them that could join politically into some kind type of brick nation they do have certain things in common and they might have some common problems and so i can see why they might want to get together and see if they could collectively come up with some solutions or we're talk about some of these problems with these i don't think that you know other than maybe a freer trade relationships i mean to the extent that any nation can reduce trade barriers between itself and other nations it will benefit the citizens of both countries but they're not trying to come together like the european nations did in forma a common political structure or common currency and that's not what what this summit
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is about maybe are trying to just kind of rival some of these g seven summits or g. eight summits where other nations get together and they get the headlines and they talk maybe they you know it's like you can't get into that club so you know form a club of your own and you know the interesting thing is a lot of the nations into g seven like united states are big betters you know we're borrowing a bunch of money so i think that a club of creditors makes a lot more sense i den to take a look at the people who are going around the world begging for money maybe some of these countries that are generating all the surpluses that everybody is begging for a share of all maybe they should get together and kind of form their own into their own club now the great together they are you make up some of the fastest growing economies in the world right now you think that this at least signifies a power. global economics i remember this a few months ago they were considering bailing out the eurozone. well the summit
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itself i think doesn't necessarily signify anything but what would signify it is their accumulated surpluses look at all the wealth of their acquiring look at all the production look at all the goods and services look at the the resources that they're able to import in. and the investments are making around the world that's a greater sign of their power and in fact that they want to convene a lot of times these these meetings are just an excuse for some very bureaucrats to have a party on on taxpayer money and so i i don't i don't think that meeting is really what you want to look to you really want to look to what's happening in the countries in their economies and you know i think that the biggest problem again collectively is the drag coming from the u.s. a lot of people think that the u.s. is benefiting all these bricks in other countries because we're the customer we're the big consumer of their products but my point is that we are dragging these economies down because we might be consuming their products but we're really not
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paying for them they're really not getting something of value in exchange for the products they give us they're getting treasury bills that are going to depreciate and you know right now they're out there holding on to all but it's a gigantic bubble and the dollar is going to collapse the boss going to collapse and the brics need to realize that they have their own engines that they don't need to sell their goods to america they've got plenty of consumers in their own country that can actually afford to buy these goods if they would simply allow their currencies to rise and they stop buying u.s. dollars now. regardless their economy is they are all on the rise and that with this the tide of kind of turned it now why do you think that the west and the alaskan kind have learned vary from their economy is that there is there is there something that we can learn from them. well i mean we certainly i mean there's a lot that they already learn from us unfortunately we're not learning much from our own history well i would rather see america americans today instead of looking
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at the modern day bricks just learned history just go back and study the u.s. constitution look at what it was that made america so rich how we able to achieve so much in the nineteenth century how did we create the world's most prosperous economy you know we don't have to look at examples in russia or china to know how capitalism works we need to learn from our own examples the problem is that the rest of the world is doing a better job of following our example then we are all right peter pleasure to have you on the show as always that was peter schiff president at euro pacific capital. well your report shows viewers are leaving the mainstream media by the droves here's a look at your worship for the networks comparing march of this year so march of last year well c.n.n. as you can see is feeling the most pain losing fifty percent of its total viewers even fox the so-called fair and balanced network is feeling the pain seeing
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a seventeen percent decline in the oars and assembly scene made out ok in comparison they're up by three percent so it looks like people are turning elsewhere to get their news to talk about why people are to sing the ditch the mainstream network said where they're turning to instead i was going to earlier by david seaman journalist and host of the d.l.c. show i first asked him where he turns to for his knees here's his take. where do i turn i turn to the internet sites like read it and stumble upon basically tapping of the collective consciousness where you know millions of users are voting on what's important and what's not important and the things that they deem important end up on the home page and then they get exposure and i also rely on networks like this on r.t. america i rely on current t.v. and the young turks are really only a handful of shows and networks that you can rely on these days unfortunately because stablished media companies are as your previous guests your previous guest
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andrew said they are there to entertain and to mr wrecked the american people and unfortunately that's not good and it's widespread and it's something that's really happened fairly recently when you turn on c.n.n. in the ninety's you got real news you got war correspondents and political controversy and you know even if you didn't like it you got the other side the other political views were pushed your way so that maybe you could be better informed you get both sides of an issue and now that's not what you get you get tweets just watching c.n.n. before i came into the studio actually and it was we're going to go to some more tweets now from our viewers and see what they're saying on twitter here are some tweets oh it's like how many words how many times he said the word tweet in a single segment if i want to hear what somebody is saying on twitter i would log into my twitter account and read it and i do spend a lot of time on twitter but for someone like c.n.n. to just cherry pick a couple of tweets and then call that the news that really isn't the news they're not using their resources to go out there and gather facts and challenge the powers
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that be now is that we are seeing that there is this access of us from the mainstream you share with us where you experience here at the news instead where would you say that the public is now turning to get their news. oh the public slowly but surely is wising up and they're doing the same thing now the fact that c.n.n. is down fifty percent of vs last year in total viewers and they're down sixty percent in the lucrative twenty five to fifty four demo which all the networks try to go after. they're down a tremendous amount and they're not the only ones hit almost all of the establishment networks are down versus last year and a couple of people out there have said oh this is because this time last year we had the japanese disaster and that's not sloppy logic this year there are plenty of issues we have bloodshed in syria we have we're on the edge of war with iran. we have one of the most contentious presidential elections in decades so they
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certainly could get the ratings if they started covering real news again i think most people are turning to the internet just like me and so talk a little bit more david about why is it not being covered and why people are leaving. what's not being covered really is what the obama administration and congress have signed into law all over the past few months we saw obama signed h r three forty seven which criminalizes certain forms of peaceful protest literally makes it a felony a federal offense to protest in certain areas even if you are if you are peaceful and that has gotten hardly any media coverage outside of you guys in current t.v. and some of the big news blogs and then before that there is an da which contains imprisonment without trial provisions which people have i mean everyone says this is an atrocity and a serious rollback of american civil rights and yet you have to turn to european or russian networks to hear about it because here in the u.s. when you turn on c.n.n.
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or some of the other channels you get kim cardassian was heckled on the red carpet last night let's talk about that for half an hour and it's really troubling those are the big issues they're not covering the fact that our democracy is being chipped away our rights are being taken away from us by a two party system that really does not come together on anything they couldn't agree to fund our federal government budget over the summer and yet they secretly came together to sign away a pretty significant portion of our bill of rights so when it comes to harming the american people democrats and republicans agree and when it comes to anything else they disagree and they bicker and they hate each other now i'm all those issues you can snatch and we do try to highlight bad here at r t we guessed right over what they're not covering so why do you think it drives what they do. i think it's purely drew my profit some people are conspiracy theorists and say that you know c.n.n. and fox are trying to distract people from this rapid takeover this rapid erosion
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of our rights and i think that's really their distraction is a byproduct they're not primarily out there saying we're going to distract people from this law it's that they know they just go for the low hanging fruit they know they can get a certain number of ratings that they have this celebrity on and sort of having some boring politician on who's going to talk about this new law that everybody should know about and so they go with that they only care about making money. if they're given by probably told vision networks. sorry to interrupt you there but if they are driven by profit that are they just giving people what they want. well that's the problem is we're seeing that this is not what people want they work for a couple of years but then we have the economic crisis and we do have these laws being signed and people are waking up they read about it online and they turn on their t.v. because they want to hear more and what they're seeing on t.v. doesn't sync up and when that happens people go oh this isn't right i'm not going to listen to these liars anymore because i see protests right outside of my window
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in union square in new york or you know anywhere else in the country talking about these issues and it doesn't get mentioned on the news and whenever you have that huge gap between what you're reading online on facebook and twitter and what the evening news is showing you that some people choose alternative outlets and when they seek out information from other means so covering can cardassian work for a couple years and that's great they can make their money but now people are like this isn't acceptable you know you guys should send reporters out and cover original stories you should break ground when was the last time that c.n.n. broke a story that really damaged some kind of power or some kind of authority and really went after corruption i can't tell you i don't remember the last i have at all you won't run things fresh air you won't see us covering can give him credit ashley and . i have you on the show that was david seaman journalist and have. well the exodus of viewers from the mainstream didn't happen overnight so let's take a look at what's been leading up to this are going to reports from the big apple.
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people. this cherry picked facts babies die in check unwelcome points of view discarded after russia blocking un check cookie cutter narrative no matter how a story develops to throw out an oppressor chap america's main stream media rarely questions the need for military intervention iraq has done nothing to further comply at the height of the war there was with the right there was a study that showed that out of something like three hundred seventeen people interviewed on american television only three oppose the war minutes area to iran to libya syria western mainstream media seems to have lost the desire to critically assess information this is from instead copy pasting official press releases and self-imposed censorship and here is extremely driven by a particular point of view you tend to select facts that support your point of view
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that makes you an advocate it doesn't make you a journalist take syria the current foreign policy story making headlines. syria and of those two cities blasted by the leadership author and journalist sharmeen our whiny contributor to the huffington post says her syria articles questioning the official story were rejected nor why any western media coverage is a theater of the absurd these are people slone in first class they have they have support for those. members they move in large groups they have drivers and translators so it doesn't mean you're not going in quietly you know you're coming in lights camera action. you were given little if any background to the issues causing the crisis also missing balanced they'll go straight for opposition people in x. place they'll go straight for. you know these that delegate
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their perspective or the perspective of their governments right. any instead of seeking out alternative implementation information that may challenge as the dominant narrative in syria that narrative it's clear it's a government crackdown on civilian protesters in reality armed groups and reportedly even al qaeda are part of the uprising activists say syrian forces this is left out of mainstream destroyed whether knowingly or due to ignorance nobody can deny no commentator so called serious commentator on syria is the defiant exactly who the syrian opposition is what their goals are or really knows much about the history of syria or an excuse for your it's demographics they really don't know much at all this is created an information blackout with a major chunk of the story unavailable to viewers and what is shown there of questionable value age he still can't put aged in of something that doesn't even
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address the basic journalism class and the who what where when how but they're happy to put that on their screen creating entertainment instead of journalism a cynic would say it's such a popular issue in western capitals that the media just decided to go all in and you know you'll see anderson cooper saying i can't believe it this is the worst thing that's ever happened and it's like did you i just didn't hear of anyone ever heard of the congo ever heard of sudan where two million people were killed killing our children whether they have or not few reporters have the guts to be the odd man out and there must be some of them that are actually aware of what the reality is you know the facts are not there it out in the open history is not what fear of losing access tempers the desire to stray from the official story line cash also matters these are news corp's they are in the business of making money and it's no secret that whether you're invading iraq or you're invading afghanistan or your c.v. rattling with iraq that cable news channels do you better. there's
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a crisis. and whoever pays chooses the tune the interests of the average charges or the interests of wall street and corporate america all of this leaves the american viewer poorly served by the mainstream media while the bad guys change the angle remains the same so we won will be a threat regardless of facts proving the opposite and our pricing favored by the west no matter the troubling reality will be portrayed as civilians crushed by a brutal regime the self-censorship is here to stay while the truth is kept further away from american t.v. screens as this is our t. new york earlier i spoke with somebody who says she's personally dealt with media censorship sharmeen are a lot of blogger for all akbar english shared her story she says the huffington post has been censoring her articles take a listen actually it's not one is you've now not published eight out of nine
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articles on syria. and this started in december. and you know the base of the research on my count here just not publishing syria articles and have they told you why that's. no in fact it's they are being they're not communicating with me at all they're not responding to emails but they're not shutting down my account either it's kind of a very passive aggressive stance i think they don't want to take that step. but each one of my articles bring original information i am in the region now and one of my articles was reporting from inside syria and he frequently reports from wire services that are. published out of beirut and not syria so if you actually turned on one of their blogger. from inside syria is kind of kind of remarkable and tell us about these articles that they are not publishing is there something out there they you can point to that is controversial or something that they would want to
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censor. you know i you know it is quite a stance to me like i said each of these pieces brings being there has not been available in the media marketplace some kind of explicit information sometimes from arab league sources you know one was a piece from a u.s. diplomat a senior u.s. diplomat served at the embassy in syria here for three years who had something to say about how wrong u.s. polls he was today on syria so these are you know things that people would like to read of course i really have no judgment other than the censorship started after a.o.l. purchased huffington post prior to that for the last two and a half years how to impose the publish on my material no matter how controversial and how much a challenge dominant narratives in washington are so you think it has something to do where the policy or are going to impose our which is blocking them from now publishing articles. but i think it's got to do with
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a wells purchase of the huffington post and that's a large media company with greater corporate interests that perhaps once an editorial line up where is that half and says it will be to let their bloggers take the lead on that now as a journalist that spends a lot of time extensively covering syria how would you describe the coverage of the crisis in syria so far what's been left out. a lot you know it's not just the western media or mainstream media it's also the air earlier that's largely controlled by saudi arabia. who owns a lot of the larger media in the middle east so you know we're seeing for instance journalists calling exclusively from arab it activists that is a very specific perspective they are taking certain constructs at face value you
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know the syrian national council the free syrian army friends of syria these are recent constructs to suddenly become governments in exiles actual military forces you know to i find quite i mean even now the interest today is calling for syrian army forces loyal to us that. that's just not what it is you know so there's an awful lot of spin in this and there would be if you're only talking to one side of the mission the important thing is after a year. of anticipating regime change when that hasn't happened surely journalists need to question why it hasn't and start to talk to different sources as i mean now that you are now getting your stories published who are that you think that there is there appart to censor ed do you plan to tell him down your stories or change the way you cover them now you know know i i'm not a conventional journalist i write commentary and analysis i think i think it's even
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worse than children i continue to question things there are other people doing it but it seems that you have to be in small media or online on blogs in order to get heard these days and that's unfortunate because we are now seeing the media industry turn entirely into a news entertainment business. and i was charlene are wanting a blogger for our of our english and that's going to do it for now for more of the stories we covered so you can head over to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our website it's artsy dot com slash usa there you will find stories we don't always have time to get to the air we have been reporting about the trayvon martin case here on our t. he is the seventeen year old african-american teen who was gunned down by a community watch member his death has sparked outrage among the black community and even inspired the new black panther party support a bounty on his killers headed asking that he be apprehended that.


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